Mobile Responsive FSBO Website Design

Do you have an outdated fsbo website? Google themselves is making tons of changes to their search engine to accommodate mobile browsing.

You can look at your Google Analytics for yourself. The majority of traffic is coming from a mobile phone. The facts don’t lie.

We recently released a mobile responsive layout that we’ve been testing, and have been getting great feedback from it.

In this niche industry (FSBO/Flat Fee MLS) it’s not a 911 needed rush yet, but it will be the future. Every website in the world will soon be mobile responsive.

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Grateful Flat Fee MLS Broker in Washington – FSBO Website Design Upgrade

Quang already had a website geared more towards his traditional brokerage with a Flat Fee MLS page and made the switch to our FSBO / Flat Fee website system. “I’m very happy with the new website, it’s working great. This was a good investment for me” –
Quang’s website is getting great ranking in the Oregon and Washington market.

FSBO Website Design, a better solution for your FSBO business.

Successful Flat Fee MLS Website in Wisconsin – FSBO Website Design

One of our favorite customers, such a great guy and excellent broker to work with. has been doing to a great job getting Flat Fee MLS listings and discounted full service representation listings. Another customer success story.

Flat Fee Designs – Leading FSBO Website Design Experts. Flat FEE MLS website Development.

FSBO Website Templates – Do’s and Do NOT’s!

What makes a great fsbo website design? How can you get more conversions?
No one wants to put up a For Sale By Owner website and just break even right? These sites are either setup to harvest fsbo leads for a greater purpose or generate instant revenue via listing fees. Maybe even some advertising money.

Well you have to know what’s important when putting up one of these websites. What do the home sellers want to see…
TRUST! It’s that easy. I’ve seen tens of thousands of listings come through and have spoken to hundreds of fsbo website owners and basically the number 1 phone they get from a fsbo is simply to feel comfortable with their online purchase…
– “after I pay, when will my property be syndicated to these others websites? When will it show up ‘here’?”
– “are there any additional fees?”
– “are you the owner of the website?”
– “how long have you been in business?”
– “do you have a yard sign I can purchase or do I use my own?”

95% if the time those questions are the ones going through a FSBO’s mind before they make a purchase or list on your site.

Contact information ie: phone and an email address, Social Media if you have it (if not we highly recommend you set something up and can even assist you for free), Testimonials and maybe just a bit of background on your company or yourself.

Of course design is important, you don’t want some cheesy DIY website for $10/mo or some self-hosted, impossible to configure boxed site… A great FSBO Website Design must look cutting-edge and must clearly appeal to the sellers needs & make them feel comfortable.

We give you that! And as a bonus, we help your website get found! And as an added bonus bonus, we help you with Google and Facebook advertising for INSTANT same day traffic and paid listings.
Yes! You can get a paid listing the same day you launch your website.

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FSBO Website Design – Creating the perfect FSBO Website

The name of the game is conversions. Your FSBO website design and configuration is EXTREMELY important. You can’t just put up a website anymore. You must understand how people shop online and navigate webpages. You have less than 4 seconds to engage before someone clicks off of your website and finds a competitor’s site.

We can explain this to you in less than 10 minutes. And we can show you exactly what we mean.

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